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Why take gymnastics

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Gymnastics improves discipline in everyday life.  It will also increase your child's focus and grades.  Not to mention the health benefits your child will receive from taking  gymnastics. The strength and flexibility are building blocks for other sports for the rest of their life.

Self Confidence:

One of the greatest things we can give a young child is self confidence. Gymnastics builds confidence through each class at Kids Unlimited in Jenison, Michigan!

Actions that may seem minor at first (like walking on a balance beam) are broken into progressions, providing each child with opportunities to achieve success.


Listening & Following Directions:

Teaching children to listen is unbelievably important.
With lesson plans, exercises and activities, gymnastics class requires children to practice following directions. Basic concepts like body shapes (tuck, straddle, pike) and landing positions (safety stop) are the consistent themes that bind all of the lessons together. Teachers begin each lesson with a verbal explanation AND physical demonstration of the activity so that children with different learning styles can process the information and follow the instructions.


Cognitive Benefits:

When children are engaging in gymnastics, they are exercising their brains as well as their bodies. New research suggests a strong correlation between physically fit children and academic achievement. Every time you send your child to gymnastics class, he/she is engaging in physical exercise that encourages healthy brain function.

It is not surprising that children who are engaged in consistent physical activity, such as gymnastics,
are more likely to get better grades than their inactive peers.

When the left part and the right part of the brain work together, new brain cells are developing!



All children need to have activities in their lives where discipline and self-control are important. Learning what is allowed and what is not acceptable is part of every gymnastics class. Not only is self-discipline an important part of learning, it is also vital in keeping children safe.

Movement and Coordination:

Gymnastics helps to enhance the development of gross motor skills and coordination. By learning to jump, roll, swing, climb, balance and tumble in a safe environment, we reduce the risk of injuries in the “real world”. For example, a child who learns a “safety stop” at gymnastics will use the same technique when jumping off equipment on the playground.


Strength and Flexibility:

Gymnastics overall is great for fitness, strength and flexibility. 
Your child will gain muscle strength through tumbling, jumping, and holding one’s own body weight in various positions help children develop strong and powerful bodies. Flexibility is, simply put, the ability to move muscles through their full range of motion.

Flexibility is important in everyday life; it reduces tension, helps coordination, develops body awareness and promotes circulation.

Every gymnastics class includes strength and flexibility exercises.

We at Kids Unlimited Activity Center will work our hardest to make this the best possible experience for your child!

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