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Our Flagship program, we offer gymnastics from Preschool Age to School Age to Teenage to College Age. Recreational or Competitive!

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Whether your goal in joining our Gymnastiks Unlimited program is to train high level competitive gymnastics, learn some skills, get fit or just have fun- this program will be the perfect start for your child’s early development needs, positive discipline & strength conditioning for all other sports. Kids who have gone through our program find they are more successful in other sports, physical training tests & life skills.

Benefits of Gymnastics: 

One of the greatest things we can give a young child is self confidenceGymnastics builds confidence through each class at Kids Unlimited in Jenison, Michigan!

Actions that may seem minor at first (like walking on a balance beam) are broken into progressions, providing each child with opportunities to achieve success.


#kangazoo💫 is a fun program designed specifically with preschoolers in mind. Children between the ages of 18 Months - 5 years are taught progressive gymnastics skills while learning listening skills as well.

We developed our program around the USAG team curriculum.
Children will improve their hand-eye coordination and flexibility too.

We incorporate bars, beam, floor and vault and trampoline. KangaZoo is our place where children can strengthen their abilities while building their confidence physically, socially, academically..... And have FUN!


#gymnastiksunlimited is designed for girls to learn All-Around Gymnastics. This means they will learn skills on Vault, Floor, Bars & Beam! These classes are 55 to 120 minutes long & meet once per week. We have Bi-Weekly Lesson plans that repeat every 4 months. Every skill needed to move up to the next level is practiced during this time. 


We offer 6 levels in this program: Gymnastics Level 1, Gymnastics Level 1.1, Gymnastics Level 2, Gymnastics Level 3 & Gymnastics Level 4 & Gymnastics Level 5! Gymnastics Level 1 is designed for beginners 6 - 8 years old. Gymnastics Level 1.1 is designed for beginners 9 years & up. Gymnastics Level 2 & Up is designed for girls who have achieved the previous level!



Special Olympics class is held once per week, Tuesday Nights 7:30-8:40. We learn & improve our gymnastics skills until December, then in January we train routines for 3 competitions which start at the end of March plus Kids Unlimited Activity Center's Spring Show, the KU Class Olympics!


Tramp & tumbling:


This designed for girls or boys who want to just learn floor skills. We will utilize the trampolines, tumbl trak, double mini, power rod floor & air trak to best learn skills with confidence. We offer 3 levels to best suit the needs of your kid(s)! Tumble 1 which is for beginners. Tumble 2 is designed for kids whom have achieved their back walk over! Tumble 3 is designed for kids who have achieved their back tuck!

homeschool girls school age:


Girls Ages 5-18 can sign up for these classes! We will learn skills on Vault, Floor, Bars & Beam. We offer two levels: Homeschool Girls which is for beginners & Homeschool Girls Age 9 & Up which is for older participants. We also offer partnerships through Hamilton, Niles & Jenison school districts.

homeschool boys school age:


Boys or Girls Ages 3-18 can sign up for these classes! We will learn skills on 3 obstacle courses and We offer three levels: Homeschool Ninja Jr. which is for participants 3-5 years old, Homeschool Ninja which is for participants who are beginners age 5 & Up. We also offer partnerships through Hamilton, Niles & Jenison school districts.



Girls Ages 5 & Up can join Homeschool Team, We will put the skills learned into a routine & perform the routines at our In-House Meets January-April. They will earn ribbons depending on how well the routines are performed. We offer 2 levels for Homeschool Team: 2 Hours & 2 Hours twice per week. We also offer partnerships through Hamilton, Niles & Jenison school districts.





"I can do all things through him who gives me strength."

Kids Unlimited Activity Center, proudly serving West Michigan & Ottawa County, Michigan families from Hudsonville, Jenison, Grandville, Wyoming, Holland, Zeeland, Byron Center, Dorr, Jamestown, Grand Haven and surrounding areas.


Kids Unlimited Activity Center is the premier provider for kids activities. We offer Gymnastics classes & teams, School Break Camps, Educational Preschool, Dance Classes, Ninja Warrior Training, Cheer Training, Martial Arts classes, Tramp & Tumbling Classes, Birthday Parties, Jr. Baby Bears Open Gyms, Daytime Open Gyms, Saturday Open Gyms, Field Trips, Fun Friday Sleepovers & Christmas Shows + Spring Shows! #kidsunlimited💫

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