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Train just like Ninja Warriors on TV! Learn grip strength, gymnastics, tumbling & negotiate obstacles just like the pros!

Camp Unlimited 18
News Unlimited 18
Ninja Unlimited 18
Gymnastiks Unlimited 18
Starz Unlimited Christian PS 18
Events Unlimited 18
Martial Arts 18
Gymnastiks Unlimited Team 18

can you conquer? 

'ring travel'             'RING TRAVEL' 
   'pegboards'            'grip strength' 

and our full height 'warped wall'

Our ninja warrior program is the fastest growing program!

Does your child want to be the next American Ninja Warrior?

Our program combines the perfect amount of NINJA and GYMNASTICS training that helps build strength, focus and inspire your kids to become leaders! We offer up to 6 differing rotations to challenge your next ninja! From jumping on trampolines to learning to flip into the pit, we guarantee your kids will have the best fun! **Try it for FREE today!**

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