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We will learn tumbling skills using strong progressions that build confidence. We will also learn body awareness using trampolines so we can feel the proper technique.

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This class is for beginners to learn the basics of Tumbling: handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, forward rolls - backward rolls, back bends, bridge kick overs & back walkovers!

$55 a Month /
55 minutes per Week


This class is for students who have achieved their back walkovers! We will work on  forward & backward skills and back handsprings to back tucks!

$55 a Month /
55 minutes per Week


This class is for students who have achieved their standing or round off back tuck. We will improve standing skills and teach the shaping and skill of layouts. Once accomplished, we will add twisting. This class will be mentally and physically challenging but with hard work and dedication the students will improve and gain confidence in their tumbling.

$70 a Month (6 to 1 Ratio) /
55 minutes per Week