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policies & procedures

✔︎ All hair must be tied back away from face
✔︎ No jewelry
✔︎ No gum
✔︎ No footed tights
✔︎ No zippers, buttons or snaps
✔︎ Wear leotards or shorts with a shirt tucked in
✔︎ Students are permitted on equipment only during class

✔︎ Students must remain in class until dismissed

Discipline Policy

It is always our intention to be positive, warm, and caring with your children. Therefore, if discipline is needed, we will use the following procedures.
✔︎ A verbal warning
✔︎ A short time out

✔︎ Parents will be contacted by the coach to discuss the difficulty


We run month to month which simply means you pay by the month and stay in the program as long as you want. If you cannot come to your 4 lessons in a month, please schedule a make-up. If we have 5th weeks during a month, we will use that as a make- up. If your child is not continuing gymnastics class for any reason, please be sure to notify the office in writing by the 25th of the month so that billing may be suspended. We do not offer refunds.

Bad Weather and Holiday Closings

When Jenison Schools are closed, so are the daytime classes. If there is a 2 hour delay, all morning classes are cancelled. Decisions about the evening classes will be made independently of the morning classes. Please call the gym after 1:00 p.m. to inquire about the situation. We will always have a message on our answering machine about any closings. We will also notify Channel 13 and post on our Facebook page.

*Holidays: When we closes due to a holiday, a make-up credit will be issued if applicable.

Automatic Billing

Do you need help remembering to pay your child’s gymnastics fee every month? We offer utomatic billing to better serve you. If you choose, you can have your child’s gymnastics fees charged to your checking/ credit card account on a monthly basis.

It takes all the hassle out for you! (Note: You can stop automatic billing at any time.)

We must be notified before auto-billing is done, otherwise, you will be responsible for that month’s payment. There will be no refunds.

Late Fees

Our fees are due on the 20th of the month for the following month.
If payments are made on or after the 26th, a $15 fee is added onto your monthly charge. If a late fee is assessed, we will need a credit card on file.

Returned Checks

We charge a fee of $25 for all returned checks.

"He guides the humble in what is right."

Kids Unlimited Activity Center, proudly serving West Michigan & Ottawa County, Michigan families from Hudsonville, Jenison, Grandville, Wyoming, Holland, Zeeland, Byron Center, Dorr, Jamestown, Grand Haven and surrounding areas.


Kids Unlimited Activity Center is the premier provider for kids activities. We offer Gymnastics classes & teams, School Break Camps, Educational Preschool, Dance Classes, Ninja Warrior Training, Cheer Training, Martial Arts classes, Tramp & Tumbling Classes, Birthday Parties, Jr. Baby Bears Open Gyms, Daytime Open Gyms, Saturday Open Gyms, Field Trips, Fun Friday Sleepovers & Christmas Shows + Spring Shows! #kidsunlimited💫

  • Gymnastiks Unlimited: KangaZoo Preschool Gymnastics | Baby Bears - Monkeys - Zebras - Tigers | Recreational School Age Gymnastics | Sparklers - Shining Stars - Rising Stars - Shooting Stars | Homeschool Recreational Gymnastics | Homeschool Team Gymnastics | Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum | Junior Olympic Team Gymnastics (JO) | Superstars - Tiny Team Fundamental Training - Level 3-10 | Xcel Team Gymnastics | Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum - Diamond 

  • Cheer Unlimited: All Star Cheer | Cheer Team | Competitive Cheer | Sideline Cheer | Cheer Tumbling | Stunting - Stunts - Lib - Needle - Scorpion - Cradle | Jumps: Toe Touch - Herkey - Pike - Straddle | Standing Back Handspring - Standing Back Tuck - Standing Spring, Tuck | Junior High School - Middle School - High School - Senior High School 

  • Martial Arts Unlimited: TaeKownDo | Karate | Karate for Kids | Karate for Adults | Dojo | Martial Arts Karate Classes in West Michigan | Martial Arts Karate Classes in Grand Rapids | Martial Arts Karate Classes in Jenison | Martial Arts Karate Classes in Grandville | Martial Arts Karate Classes in Hudsonville 

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  • Dance Unlimited: Dance Studio | Dance’Nastics | Dance and Gymnastics | Dance Classes | Ballet - Tap - Hip Hop - Jazz 

  • Educational Preschool: Starz Unlimited Christian Preschool | Pre K | Nursery School | Young Education | Young 5’s | Shining Stars | Shooting Stars | Music - Art - Science - Math - Crafts | Christmas Program | Field Trips | Handwriting without Tears | 3 - 4 - 5 year old | 5 Day Preschool

We are conveniently located in
Jenison, Michigan. 
Inside of SoccerZone right off the

I-96 / Jenison / Chicago Drive exit.


Inside SoccerZone, 
596 Baldwin St. Ste #2 
Jenison, MI 49428



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